How to get there?

Public transport (bus from Dili-Lospalos), we take microlet 09 and get off at Praia dos Coqueiros Street (Pantai Kelapa), Kampung Alor Beach, in the Letefoho special part in front of Cofee Roaster. The bus stops next to the road, and you can catch it at any time (between 10:00 am and 5:30 pm) at the bus garage.

Public transport (Baucau – Lospalos BM) can wait at the Baucau Vila Nova terminal or you can wait at the old town in front of the Pousada.

Where the microlette label with letter (Baucau – Losplos BM) can be found we expect a bus coming from Dili to Lospalos.

List contact Bus:

Bus Irmaos Unidos  7525 9276

Bus Alospar 7567 7429

Bus Naza Pitilety 7673 7929

Bus Partner 7653 6947

Bus Usaha Muda(Pink) 7641 3938

Bus Paihira 76744834

Bus Ileasaun 76385390

Bus Raiputu 75857151

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