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1. Geography

Lautém is a municipality in Timor-Leste, located in the eastern part, bordering the Timor Sea and Arafura Strait (east), Timor Sea (south), municipality of Baucau and Viqueque (west) and Wetar Strait (north ). The aforementioned municipality has six administrative posts: Lospalos, Lautém, Iliomar, Luro, Tutuala and Loré, including 34 sucos.
Demographically, the total population of Lautém is 92.409 and population density 36.90 occupied in the area of 1,813.11 km2. This population group speaks: Tetun, Fataluku, Makasa’e, Makalero, Sa’ane and Macoa.


2. Toponomy

Like other municipalities, Lautém also has its own name meaning the municipality. This word itself comes from Fataluco origin, composed of two languages: “Lau”-cloth and Tem/Teinu-sacred. According to history, since our elders, this municipality has been named Lauteinu or Lauteira, therefore Lautém means “sacred cloth”.


3. History

According to history, before the Portuguese established their authority in Lautém, it had already ruled by traditional authority. In 1698, the Portuguese government introduced its authority through Governor António Coelho Guerreiro. At that time, he began to intervene with the traditional authorities in Timor, including Lautém. On April 20, 1859, through Governor Afonso de Castro, he established 11 districts, Lautém also as a district with his name Faturo district with its headquarters in Lautém, composed of Sarau kingdom and Matarupa kingdom. After the Second World War, Governor Oscar Ruas, changed command from military and became a Civil Circumscription, which consisted of the civil administrative post of Lospalos, Iliomar, Lautem Luro, Tutuala in Loré. At the time of the Indonesian occupation, Lautem as a District and currently as a municipality.


4. Climate

In terms of climate, the municipality of Lautém is generally the same as other municipalities in Timor-Leste. During the month of May to July, average rain has rain twice a week and during the month of November to January, average rain always in two hours of each day. During the month of August to October, hot and dry weather without rain. Medium climate between 23.6oC-31.8oC, with maximum climate up to 38oC. During summer time, the Raumoco stream, Ralailaba and Ira-Lalaro Lagoon were sources of drinking water.\


5. Point of Interest

The points of interest in the municipality of Lautém include the islet of Jaco, the COM beach, Umunira Lagoon, Ira Lalaro Lagoon, Pousada de Tutuala and Ili-Kere-Kere.

Administrative post

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  1. Servisu Munisipal Programa Nasional Dezenvolvimentu Suku (PNDS)

    Programa Nasionál Dezenvolvimentu Suku (PNDS) inisiativa ida hosi Governu Timor-Leste ne’ebé fó kbiit ba komunidade sira atu hili, halo dezeñu no harii projetus infraestruturas

  2. Municipal Service for Social Protection and Natural Disaster Management

  3. Municipal Support Service for National Program Of Villages Development

  4. Municipal Agricutural Service (MAS)

    Municipal Agricultural Service (MAS) Ministerial Diploma (MD.No.48/2016, of September 30) 1) Article 40: Mission: to ensure the application of legislation and the execution of

  5. Municipal Suport Service NGO & CO

    Municipal Support Service for Non-Governmental Organizations and Community Organizations (MSSNGO & CO)   Ministerial Diploma (MD.No.48/2016, of September 30)   1) Article 22: Mission:

  6. Municipal Finance Service (MFS)

    Municipal Finance Service (MFS) Ministerial Diploma (MD.No.48/2016, of September 30) 1) Article 10: Mission: Included in the domains of programming and budget execution, rendering

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Serjio Jose Cristovão
Xefe Suku Com
  • 7806 6034
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Tito Caetano
Xefe Suku Tutuala
  • 7806 6011
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Zemeigo Neto
Xefe Suku Mehara
  • 7806 6011
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Agustinho Dias Ramos
Xefe Suku Afabubu
  • 78066022
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Leopoldo da Conceicão
Xefe Suku Cotamutu
  • 7806 6025
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Domingos Sávio
Administrador Munisípiu Lautém
  • 7745 0729
Anastacio da Cruz
Diretor Servisu Munisipal Saude
  • 76653053
  • N/A
Julio Maria de Jesus
Diretor Servisu Munisipal Patrimoniu no Lojistiku
  • 77254429
  • N/A
Mario Fernandes Cabral
Diretor Servisu Munisipal Planeamentu Integradu no Dezenvolvimentu
  • 77626889
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Agostinho dos Santos Ramos
Diretor Servisu Munisipal Asaun Sosial
  • 77349650
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