What to do?

Lautém as a municipality that has great power in the tourist area on the eastern tip of Timor Island. In the protected area of Parque Nacional Nino Conis Santana where visitors can walk (trakking). On Mount Paitchau visitors can walk uphill (hiking) it is suggested for hikers on the mountain in summer time due to this slippery place and you have to wear your own shoes when walking up the mountain or with a hiking boot (hiking boot) and recommends it to visitors to forward with a tourist guide (tour guide) when climbing the mountain in Monte de Paitchau. This hill of Paitchau identified as a historical site, because the FALINTIL guerrillas used this place during the period of resistance against the occupation of Indonesia.

Ira Lalaro known as a large lagoon in Timor with its total area almost 406 square kilometers that very interested local visitors and also domestics to visit this site. Local visitors at the weekend in the summer time always catch and grill fish, as well as picnicking in this place refers to catch fresh wind from the lagoon and test the taste of fresh fish from the lagoon.

Island of Jaco is also a protected island in Timor due to prohibiting visitors to marry wild animals and also cut down trees on this island. On the island of Jaco there is clear water, and we almost get deep sea water due to less pollution. Jaco Island is very attractive for local and international tourists to visit and can go snorkeling in this place. For those snorkelers who use scuba gear on the weekend they will come snorkeling due to see the biodiversity at the bottom of the sea.

Valu Beach is the best place for swimming and snorkeling as an alternative for visitors who want calm and fresh air on weekends and holidays to spend time with their families. Valu Beach is always full of visitors on the 1st and 2nd of January each year. Valu Beach There is also a restaurant and guest house or guest house for visitors in Valu-Sere.

COM beach is a wonderful place for visitors who enjoy swimming, snorkeling with scuba diving equipment and also the place for visitors to rest for the night if they take a private transport tour and choose the route through Lautém – COM. With the beach there are many guest houses on the wonderful beach along with the sound of the cool night breeze lulling guests to a good night’s sleep like a wonderful paradise at night time.

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