What to know

Lagoa Umunira, has a tourist power that exists in the municipality of Lautém with its beauty and wonderful nature to attract the attention of visitors to this site.

Lautém as a municipality that has the rich tourist potential and natural beauties in the sea and also in the mountains that can attract the attention of many people to visit this municipality.

This nature power is hidden in the municipality of Lautém with its wonderful landscape, covered by the mountain and transparent water with its green color known as Umunira lagoon, where it is located in the village of Vailo-Vaia, Suco Com, Administrative Post of Lautém, Municipality of Lautém.

Naturally, the sea with the Umunira lagoon is leveled, where when the sea waves rise, the water of this lagoon also rises, but when the sea waves fall or decrease, the waters of this lagoon also decrease.

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